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Skills Assessment & Treatment Plan

The BIG Skills Assessment for Tailored Treatment

Service Description

Our preliminary assessment is a comprehensive evaluation delivered virtually, designed to assess individual skills and lay the foundation for effective behavior analysis treatment. We employ a client-centered approach, ensuring that each assessment is tailored to the unique needs and goals of the individual. With a strong emphasis on cultural sensitivity, our assessment takes into account diverse backgrounds and experiences. We recognize and respect the influence of cultural factors on behavior and the individual's goal and incorporate this understanding into our evaluation process. During the assessment, our experienced professionals conduct systematic observations, interviews, and standardized assessments to gather data on various skill domains. This includes communication, social interaction, self-help, academics, and more. We strive to comprehensively understand the individual's strengths, challenges, and areas for improvement. Upon completion of the assessment, we provide a detailed and personalized treatment plan. This plan outlines specific goals, intervention strategies, and target behaviors that align with the individual's unique needs. Our treatment plans are evidence-based, drawing on the principles of applied behavior analysis and incorporating the latest research and best practices. At every step of the process, our team prioritizes collaboration with individuals and their families, actively involving them in the assessment and treatment planning. We believe that open communication and partnership are crucial in achieving meaningful and sustainable behavior change. Experience a client-centered approach that sets the stage for positive outcomes and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

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