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Social Skills Group: Ages 18 to 21

The BIG Relationship Builders

Service Description

This PEERs group, tailored for young adults ages 18 to 21 years, is an invaluable social skills curriculum designed to support individuals navigating the complex world of social interactions and dating with confidence and competence. This program focuses on equipping young adults with the essential skills they need to forge meaningful relationships, communicate effectively, and thrive in various social settings. With an emphasis on practical application, the PEERs curriculum equips participants with the tools and strategies needed to enhance their social interactions and build meaningful connections. Through a combination of interactive exercises, group discussions, and real-life scenarios, participants develop crucial skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and self-advocacy. Within PEERs, participants engage in a structured and evidence-based curriculum that covers a wide range of social skills. From understanding social nuances to initiating and maintaining conversations, reading nonverbal cues, and resolving conflicts, this program provides comprehensive training that is relevant to the specific challenges young adults encounter in their daily lives. The curriculum is delivered through interactive exercises, role-playing, and group discussions, allowing participants to practice and hone their skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. By joining a PEERs group, young adults can expect to gain valuable insights, build self-confidence, and connect with peers who share similar goals. This program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, empowering participants to not only enhance their social competencies but also foster lasting friendships and connections. If you're looking to develop your social skills and navigate the social landscape more successfully as a young adult, PEERs is the ideal platform to help you achieve these goals.

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